Kickstarter Surveys Going Out on Monday!

Kickstarter backers are getting emails saying that the surveys will be sent out on Monday, Nov 21. The surveys will be sent to the email you pledged with on Kickstarter. The date by which surveys will be locked down is Friday, Dec 9. After Dec 9 no changes will be able to be made to the surveys. So make sure you get them filled out properly before then!

How to Fill Out the Surveys

The Lightseekers Kickstarter backer surveys are being handled by BackerKit. You will be able to change your pledge level and select the add-ons that you would like. If you have selected a reward level or add-on which requires shipping, you need to have a physical address in the United States, Canada, Latin America (excluding Mexico and Brazil), Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. If your shipping address is not in one of those countries the physical items are unable to be shipped. In that case, change your pledge level and add-ons to not include physical items.